DAS-7008_9 Main

“Beep & display” Handheld Reader 

Physically, the smallest of our readers, the DAS-7008/9 series performs on a monumental scale.  These compact but rugged handheld instruments provide great read distance, long-lasting power, and long-lived durability. Packaged in a heavy-duty impact-resistant polycarbonate body and featuring special non-ferrite circular scan heads, these unique and easy-to-use units make quick work of locating transponders and reading data.

Bright, easy to read graphic display.  Back lighting makes ID and status functions easy to read in all ambient light conditions, and a hard plastic shield protects the graphic display and improves visibility.  

Handheld ergonomics, designed for comfort.  Rounded edges and gently curved handle contours enhance comfort, and the angled round reader head maximizes read distance to about three inches.    

Five button functionality, full control.  An easy cleaning membrane keypad provides full functionality through only five buttons enabling the selection of the various display and scanning modes and options.  This simple five-button keyboard provides surprising flexibility; you can even write, edit, and lock IPT or IPTT transponder data with the DAS-7009.

Scan in either of two convenient modes.  DAS-7008/9 readers offer a choice of two scan modes; in auto scan mode, the reader automatically scans for a transponder every 2-3 seconds; in the manual mode, transponders are read only when the scan button is pressed.

Rechargeable batteries; user replaceable, available off the shelf.  Recharge batteries with a simple plug-in connection.  Six standard sized triple “A” rechargeable batteries yield a long charge life and may be replaced by the user, as necessary.  Optionally, the DAS-7008/9 even accepts standard non-rechargeable batteries.

Models for every BMDS transponder.  Simply match the applicable reader to the transponder in your study.  Use the DAS-7008 with the standard (IMI) Implantable Micro Identification transponder, and the DAS-7009 with the read/write Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT), or the non-temperature sensitive Implantable Programmable Transponder (IPT).

NEW Optional Accessory DAS-7009 PBC. "Programming Booster Coil"  Specifically designed to work with the DAS-7009, this accessory allows for foolproof programming of a IPT-300 or IPTT-300 in-needle. This adapter snaps right onto the DAS-7009 reader head and requires no additional connections. Ergonomically designed for ease of use in the lab environment, it makes gloved programming a more streamlined operation. Once the device is used for the programing procedure it can be easily removed and stored. After the transponder is placed in the animal and is out of the needle, normal scanning can commence with no changes to reader setup or adjustments.  If you are an existing DAS-7009 user and would like this accessory, please contact BMDSs' sales office here, and include in the subject line Programing Booster Coil, and a representative will process your request. New DAS-7009 orders will show the device on the quotation.