Previous technologies cannot compete.

Easily outperforming older basic beep and display models, DAS-7008/9 series readers are perfect solutions for startup or smaller projects where this simple handheld reader and a case of transponders are all that’s necessary.  

Even if your needs are more complex and your lab rooms are populated with 6000 and/or 7000 series reader systems, basic readers are always welcome assets.  For instance, the DAS-7008/9 units are ideal bed check readers, and are invaluable for quick inventory checks.


Small but powerful, offering true usability.  Our smallest handheld readers, these lightweight portable instruments fit comfortably in lab coat pockets, but their read distance performance equals the best in our extensive line.  The low maintenance DAS-7008/9 is truly usable—and truly useful—in real world applications.

Back lit graphic display saves power.  This multifunction display with graphic or two-line configuration makes ID data and the various status functions easy to read in all lighting conditions.  The DAS-7008/9 features a brilliant screen with superior legibility, but it’s an energy miser.  This low voltage graphic display helps maximizes battery-life for long uninterrupted workdays.

Full menu keypad provides surprising flexibility.  Complete access to all operational modes and features is through five simple buttons: Scan, Menu, Enter, Up Arrow, and Down Arrow.  The full menu keypad provides total control and adds functions, enhancing flexibility.  This may be a simple “beep & display” reader, but it’s more if you need it to be.

Durable, rugged, and easy to use. Featuring special non-ferrite circular scan heads enclosed within an impact-resistant polycarbonate form factor, these unique and easy-to-use units are especially convenient when working with large or isolated animals.

Choose to scan in either mode. Auto scan every 2-3 seconds, or scan manually with every press of the button.

For all BMDS transponders.  All you need to know is the transponder you use.  Standard IMI=DAS-7008; Programmable IPTT/IPT=DAS-7009.  It’s that easy.

Convenient AAA batteries; featuring “in the case” recharging. Built in circuitry enables recharging with a simple plug-in connection. Depending on the choice of batteries, total power reserves will be 800 to 1200 mAH, assuring long-lasting power and long service cycles between charge ups.  Optionally, the DAS-7008/9 accepts standard non-rechargeable triple “A” batteries.