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Leading the industry worldwide, BMDS provides advanced state-of-the-art products for the safest, most accurate identification of laboratory animals available today. As a company, our reason for being – our core competency and our passion – is applying cutting edge technology to create fully integrated systems designed to automate gathering, recording and validating research data for researchers and facilities.

Positive Animal RFID
Lab Animal Identification

BMDS Offers two product lines of Transponders. Programable & Temperature Transponders, and Read-Only Transponders. Both have significant advantages depending on the scale, budget, and application of your study. Designed to work with our industry-leading 8000 series of reader programmers, we have a configuration perfect to fit your studies’ specific needs.

Read-Only Transponders

The Industry Standard ‘Read-Only’ Transponder for Fail-Safe Identification. Three different size specifications depending on your studies’ identification requirements. 

Programable & Temperature Transponders

For researchers seeking a dynamically programmable transponder, with temperature as an option – Designed from the ground up for Lab Animal Identification.

BMDS Reader Systems

Among the comprehensive array of BMDS reader-programmers, each boasting various capabilities and features, there is an instrument designed to work within every budget to provide positive animal identification and assure data validation at every level.  These innovative data acquisition and processing tools automate animal identification and associated data collection, and provide a smooth path to data transfer and computer integration, enhancing user convenience at every stage.

Each system enables users to work in manners of their own choosing, accomplishing similar laboratory tasks using individual methods, and achieving varying degrees of efficiency according to the sophistication of the selected system.  There are a host of options; choice is paramount.  Reader systems range from simple handheld bed-check readers to the DAS-8027, a complete, fully functional data acquisition system.

Stationary Readers
Read-Only/Programable & Temperature Transponders

Portable Reader Systems
Read Only

Portable Reader Systems Programmable/Temp Transponders

Keyboard Probes
Read-Only and Programmable Transponders

About BMDS

Today, our new digital ELAMS series 8000 products are once again transforming the lab. These advanced digital DAS (Data Acquisition System) reader-scanner-programmers are available in models designed for varying counter-top, cart-mounted, or handheld applications. Ergonomic form factors, easy-reading display panels, and extensive connectivity options facilitating Lab Animal Identification.

In a research community with high technological standards and demands, ELAMS provides positive animal identification and simplifies daily lab procedures. Read More >

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