Leading the industry worldwide, BMDS provides advanced state-of-the-art products for the safest, most accurate identification of laboratory animals available today. As a company, our reason for being - our core competency and our passion - is applying cutting edge technology to create fully integrated systems designed to automate gathering, recording and validating research data for researchers and facilities.

Over the preceding two decades, our mission has remained unchanged. The company concentrates on meeting the needs of Toxicologists, Research Technicians, and IT Managers by providing automated solutions to simplify animal lab procedures, and ensure the accuracy of research data. Our dedicated in-house engineering team is responsible for all microchip development, circuit design, product design, and firmware. And we do not rest on our laurels. We invent and innovate, and continue to refine capabilities and techniques to an ever-finer degree.

To achieve our lofty goals, we first have to help you meet yours. So, the first job at BMDS is to understand the real requirements of some of our favorite people: the research scientists, facilities and animal technicians who actually use our products. We emphasize the value of ongoing dialogue, and gaining first-hand knowledge of the needs of our customers. In that sense, some aspects of the research you do are every bit as critical for us as it is for you. BMDS provides turnkey solutions to protect researchers and prevent the misidentification of even one single laboratory animal. In this regard, we are uniquely capable.

The demands of research science today include regulating agency audits, making record keeping and data validation extremely critical for researchers, and their facilities. BMDS serves their needs. We conceived the revolutionary ELAMS - Electronic Laboratory Animal Identification System - and created the original injectable microchip transponder. Now, our IPTT-300 (Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder) transmits the temperature of the animal, and provides 32 alphanumeric characters for customizing ID and data. Our range of experience and the unique position BMDS occupies in the marketplace provide a singular vantage point, and make us a uniquely valuable part of your team. We place our extensive capabilities at your service, continually from our first meeting and beyond, through post-sale advice on validation procedures.