White Papers

Objective findings and real-world solutions that feature BMDS products & technology in real-world research . . . 

The focus at BMDS is aimed at providing applied technology solutions benefitting Toxicologists, Research Technicians, IT Managers, and other research laboratory professionals. Fully integrated BMDS systems simplify animal lab procedures, automate gathering and recording research data, ensuring accuracy and data validation.  In our opinion, nobody does it better.  

Admittedly, we are not objective.  That’s why it’s important to examine the findings of your colleagues in the field, the research professionals who surmount obstacles likely faced by counterparts around the world.  

Presented herein in the convenient PDF format, you’ll find various related white papers reporting the advantages of our products compared with other methods and equipment available to researchers.  Far better than our claims, the words of objective peer-reviewed professionals present a compelling argument for the turnkey solutions offered by BMDS.   

Watch this space for additional soon-to-be-released papers; the laboratory community at large makes compelling arguments on our behalf, and we’re happy to post them here for your review.