The DAS-8002 is a desktop electronic system for programming the user ID into BMDS writable transponders. The system is completely self-contained and does NOT need to be connected to a computer.  It is compatible with IPT, IPTT, and XPT BMDS transponder types. 

The new DAS-8002 is a cost-efficient “All-In-One” dedicated device for programming BMDS injectable transponders while in the needle. This new product consolidates the normally separate probe and controller assembly into a single cost-effective package. In place of a cabled probe, is a built-in electronic “hole”, which is designed to accept the needle packaged transponder without disturbing its sterilization.

The DAS-8002 menu-driven interface allows the user to program IDs within an auto designated sequence or from a list on a memory flash drive. A bright OLED display provides prompts, status, and confirmation. An optional full-size keyboard can be attached to facilitate data input. A built-in stand provides a stable and optimum work angle.

System I/O
Two USB input ports 
One auxiliary BMDS Smart Probe port
Option to add a Wireless Data Output module
Easy firmware update via memory stick

BMDS LNHC-12 International Power Supply

Optional External Probe
The system has an extra port for adding an optional external Smart Probe. This allows for secondary “Out Of Needle” programming or test reading in the animal. The station will automatically sense the connection of the probe and send an auto configuration command. 

Optional Wireless Com Module
Provides wireless data output of each ID as writing occurs or during secondary confirmation or test read.  Module provides both keyboard and serial USB.



Transponder Compatibillity




Optional Accessories

USB Data Cable

USB Flash Memory

Coil Probe Cable

Programming Booster Coil for IPTT/XPT Smart Probes

LINC Power Supply

Mini Keyboard

Probe Stand


  • Easy to use Control Panel with built-in Integrated Needle Insertion Probe for programming. 
  • Fully Independent, with no need to connect to a computer.
  • Bright OLED Display with real-time reporting of programming status and progress.
  • Sequencing LEDs for indicating read and write activity.
  • Integrated alphanumerical membrane panel for inputting a user ID and selecting functions.
  • Can program complete User ID or append to a previously programmed ID.
  • Automatic sequence of User ID with a numerical count.
  • Able to program from a list of User IDs via an inserted memory stick and able to remember the progress of that list.
  • Ability to lock the User ID to prevent reprogramming.
  • Confirmation of program via display and optional data output.
  • Standard and Auto Scan for confirming programmed ID or for general reading.

XPT-100 X-Tra Small Programmable Transponder

IPT-300 Implantable Programable Transponder

IPTT-300 Implantable Programable Temperature Transponder

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