DAS-8008 BSC
DAS-8029 BSC
Basic Reader


The DAS-8008 BSC Basic Reader & DAS-8029 BSC Basic Reader are portable, display-only reader. It is a simple cost-effective solution for small laboratories wanting to implement electronic animal identification. The DAS-8008 BSC portable handheld reader allows for scanning ID data from BMDS IMI-400, IMI-500, and IMI-1000 implantable transponders. The DAS-8029 BSC portable handheld reader allows for scanning ID data from BMDS XPT-100, IPT-300, and IPTT-300 (ID-ONLY) implantable transponders. The reader is simple to use and will quickly display the animal ID on the bright OLED screen. The last ID read will remain on the screen until a new scan or until powered off.

A simple menu is available on the membrane panel for selecting various options such a read beep, vibration feedback, and duplication scan filter. Auto modes now include the time between consecutive reads and timed shut off. All menu features and setup can be password protected to avoid accidental changes.

Transponder Compatibillity

IMI-400 with the DAS-8008 BSC

IMI-500 with the DAS-8008 BSC

IMI-1000 with the DAS-8008 BSC

XPT-100 with the DAS-8029 BSC

IPT-300 with the DAS-8029 BSC

IPTT-300 with the DAS-8029 BSC

Optional Accessories

Power Supply

Replacement Lithium-Ion Batteries

Vertical Stand

  • Simple onboard system menu
  • Audio and vibration feedback
  • Direct AC power for continuous scanning or operating without batteries
  • User-replaceable Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Super bright OLED display
  • Beep and Display Only – No communication options
  • Full Menu-Driven Setup with Password Protection
  • Direct line power for continuous scanning
  • Low Noise 12 Volt International Power Supply for Recharging
  • Battery: Two 3.7 Li-ion 3000mAH User Replaceable
  • Reader: 2.9” Wide by 2.0” High by 9.9” Long
  • Protective Rubber Boot included

IMI-400 Smallest Read Only Transponder

IMI-500 Read-Only

IMI-1000 Industry Standard Read-Only Transponder

XPT-100 X-Tra Small Programmable Transponder

IPT-300 Implantable Programable Transponder

IPTT-300 Implantable Programable Temperature Transponder

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