DAS-8027 IUS
Wireless Reader System


The DAS-8027 Reader is a wireless reader system for reading ID data from, and programming ID data to, BMDS Programmable Micro-Transponders. Importantly, the DAS-8027 can fully function with both the current XPT-100, IPT/IPTT-300 transponder family. This new unit, has full 32 characters write capability to the XPT-100 and the ability to retrieve the optional ten-character fixed ID from the XPT-100. Smartly, the reader will automatically sense whether the scanned transponder is an IPT or XPT type and switch modes automatically. With this feature, the XPT-100 will seamlessly integrate into your Lab Animal Facility with-out switching reader or probe types. One elegant solution, for all your data collection needs.

Wireless Capable

Optional Wireless Communications Module with USB serial and USB Keyboard Output.

The DAS-8027 IUS has a combined display for displaying captured ID data and for providing a control interface for various menu-driven options. As a portable system, DAS-8027 IUS includes a small separate communications module that provides a wireless data link between the reader and a computer. The reader comes with a recharging adapter and the lithium rechargeable batteries are user-replaceable.

There is a complete user menu that provides features such as timestamp, ID storage, setup, programming, temperature display, and battery level. The wireless communication module includes both a USB serial port and a USB keyboard output. Powered by the USB connection, each module has a unique “Link ID” number that the user can program into the reader for creating a dedicated wireless communications link. Signal strength indication is provided with a 20’ receive distance.

The reader can also be used directly connected to recharging adapter in auto mode. Such usage, the reader continues to charge, thus making sure the unit is always ready for portable operation. Though the DAS-8027 IUS is primarily a hand-held system, there are special order options for stand mounting, an optional wired USB serial, and direct power barrel connection.

Transponder Compatibillity




Optional Accessories

Peer-to-Peer Com Module

Programming Booster Coil

Power Supply

Replacement Lithium-Ion Batteries

DASHost 8000 Software

Reader Stand

  • Super Bright OLED Display
  • Separate Sequencing LED Indicating Active Scan providing Better Feedback to User
  • Hybrid Scanning Coils that Produces More Forward Read Zone.
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Temperature Reading
  • Full Menu-Driven Setup with Password Protection
  • User Selectable Serial Port Parameters
  • Good Read and Data Transmit Indication
  • 12 Volt International Power Supply for Recharging
  • Direct Power and Charging via Barrel Connection 12 Volt International Power Supply
  • Battery: Two 3.7 Li-ion 3000mAH User Replaceable
  • Comes with Wireless Communications Module that has Both USB Serial and USB Keyboard Output
  • Wireless Over Secure P2P ZigBee Protocol 903MHz ISM Band (Industrial, Scientific, Medical)

XPT-100 X-Tra Small Programmable Transponder

IPT-300 Implantable Programable Transponder

IPTT-300 Implantable Programable Temperature Transponder

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