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BMDS Goes Wireless


Sure you want the convenience of wireless for your study, but in the lab data collection is everything.  Loosing data is not like dropping a call or missing your favorite TV show on TiVo™.  In the high stakes world of animal research you need lab-proven technology for secure data collection. 

Once again we deliver with a powerful series of wireless reader systems that bring a new level of reliable efficiency and convenience to the rigorous demands of lab animal science.

Combining our most desirable and most advanced features, the DAS-7006/7 R and DAS-7006/7 S Handheld Reader Systems are compact and cost effective.

Capable of scanning all BMDS Transponders the built in clock provides time and date stamping for transmitted data, with the safety net of on-board memory to store over 2000 scans

Fully accessible menus make custom configuration quick and easy; change data delimiters, select sound-vibration indicators, and control scanning modes according to personal preference and  a super-bright scrollable 12- character LED display makes data easy-to-read in almost any lighting. 

Each system is made up of three components: the Smart Probe wand for reading BMDS transponders, a powered stand for recharging the unitʼs battery, and a small wireless communications module for transferring data to and from the handheld scanner. 

Smart Probes and their corresponding wireless communications modules are paired at the factory.  The pair’s bidirectional data transfer is not just secure it actually monogamous.  This means each wireless communication module will only communicate with it’s dedicated Smart Probe, converting transponder data to one of three output formats: Serial USB, Keyboard USB and BMDS DAS.

Bundled within an expansive list of features and capabilities, the compact 7000 series of Handheld Readers and Wireless Communications Modules were designed for real world laboratories and deliver confidence-inspiring performance, day after day.  These rugged instruments are wrapped in impact-resistant ergonomic form factors and free you to roam unencumbered, scanning and recording data without attachment.  The advanced system designs offer flexible configurations—encouraging you to work the way you choose—while enjoying unparalleled ease-of-use and reliability.  

A choice of either narrow (DAS-7006/7 S Straight Probe) or wide (DAS-7006/7 R Round Head Probe) scan patterns allow you to refine these systems to match your particular workflow; simply select the most appropriate scanner for the task at hand.  No matter what your study or animal model, from rodents to reptiles or primates to foul, these wireless 7000 series of instruments enable new efficiencies.  

Ergonomic design, loaded feature set, and secure performance make this the best BMDS wireless solution yet.  Bottom line you can now accomplish more with less effort and greater convenience . . .

There has never been a better time to take your lab wireless, and the 7000 series makes the transition worth celebrating! With the new DAS-7006/7 S and DAS-7006/7 R wireless reader system BMDS again shows that we are powerful partner to aid you in the validation of your research studies.